Restructuring the blockchain industry

PokalPower is a distributed business application value network based on the world-famous project Pokaldot technology ecology.

About Us

In 2016, Mr. Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, completed the Polkadot white paper draft and proposed the concepts of "Relay Chain" and "Para Chain". In 2017, the Web3 Foundation was established to fund Polkadot and some projects related to its ecology. Gavin Wood joined the Ethereum team in 2013 and became the cofounder and chief technology officer of Ethereum. He wrote the "yellow paper" of Ethereum technical specifications and Solidity, a high-level language for smart contract design and development. In 2014, he published the article "Decentralized Applications: What Does Web3.0 Look Like',which systematically explained the concept of Web3.0 for the first time.

Polkadot will realize a completely decentralized Internet, where users have complete control. It envisions that the Internet is that everyone' S identity and data are controlled by themselves-without being affected by any central agency.

Polkadot aims to connect private chains, consortium chains, public chains, open networks and oracles, as well as future technologies that have not yet been created. Polkadot provides convenience for the Internet, and independent blockchains can exchange information and transactions in a trustless manner through Polkadot's relay chain.

Sports Health


In 2017, the PolkaPower team acquired Bitboss, a sports health data management platform, combining blockchain with sports health, exploring sports mining, smart wearable device mining, and the system can be connected to wearable devices such as Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi. In 2020, PolkaPower will cooperate with well- known brands to develop mining smart running shoes.

Blockchain e-commerce

The PolkaPower team has served many blockchain e-commerce platforms in depth in 2018. The platform uses shopping rebates, shopping mining, shopping distribution and other methods to promote the development of the blockchain industry. At the same time, the PolkaPower team has accumulated more than 100 global suppliers as technical supporters, and has a multi-channel supply chain.

The construction of PolkaShop by the PolkaPower team will drive the application of blockchain industry. From the perspective of blockchain technology, combining the advantages of traditional e commerce such as E-Bay, Taobao, JD, and Pinduoduo, build new distributed e-commerce applications to explore and empower the global tillioollr economy.

Cloud computing power mining-PolkaCloud

PolkaCloud Power

Cloud computing power mining is an important part of PolkaPower's ecological application. The system provldes 1T, 5T, and 10T cloud computing power to provide greater value return for loyalty in need and share the early market dividends.

Features if cloud computing power:

1.Scarcity: Limited supply

2.Transparency:open and transparent data

3.Rate of return:a return rate of more than 200%

DeFi economy

In 2019, staking (staking mining) is particularly hot in the blockchain field, which will promote the rapid development of the global DeFi economy in 2020. In the future, global finance will be a financial pattern in which centralized financial CeFi and decentralized financial DeFi coexist, integrate and develop together.

The PolkaPower team provided pledge mining, mining pool mining,cloud computing power mining, and hardware mining for multiple applications in 2019. In 2020, we will focus on participating in DeFi research and application.

From 2021 to 2025, the PolkaPower team will continue to lay out the DeFi ecosystem in depth, provide more users around the world with opportunities to participate in the DeFi economy, and share the dividends of the times.

Blockchain game


In order to increase the interest of the Polka Power project, PolkaPower will provide users with fun and interesting blockchain games,which can be entertained when learning, and can obtain an additional value return when entertaining.